Sealteck's years of installation experience with Modified Bitumen have realized the hydrophobic qualities of Torchflex membranes.

Over the last 30 years SBS Modified Bitumen technology has proven to be the most reliable technology in the flatroof waterproofing industry.

SBS Torchflex Modified Bitumen Membranes are asphalt based, fiberlgass reinforced polyester membranes treate with Styrene or Butadien-Styrene polymers to impart rubber type qualities.

SBS Modified Bitumen provides for superior quality and exceptional durability and resistance to severe weather conditions.

Benefits of SBS Modified Bitumen (IKO membranes and Soprema membranes):

Given the quality today of products the safety of the roof only depends on the correct application of the membranes. The lower the slope of the roof the more important the details like water accumulation and the larger the risk of damages caused by leakage. I K O

modified bitumen

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